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Hikers-hikingThe historic Chilcotin Mountain High Trail (CMHT) is a challenging 90km/60mi hiking adventure through the Chilcotin Mountains of western British Columbia’s Coast Range leading from Gold Bridge to Nemiah Valley. This symbol of Canadian unity connects British Columbia’s regions and serves as a recreation and tourism resource. The trail links the two communities of Gold Bridge to Nemiah Valley and is home to areas of spectacular natural scenery exposing travellers to Canada’s rich natural, historical and cultural heritage.

Hikers-hikingThe trail uses the Warner Pass over the Chilcotin Mountains and is part of BC’s pioneer history. It was an access route from the coast to the Cariboo Chilcotin goldfields in the late 1870s. The trail offers scenic beauty, spectacular hiking and amazing wildlife viewing. Most of the trail is designed for a strenuous day or multi-day hiking in this rugged and isolated area.

Some easy to moderate day hiking opportunities along the trail are available starting from the trail heads at Chaunigan Lake (at the north end) and Chilcotin Holidays Guest Ranch (at the south end). A reservation at the lodges is necessary. Call Chilcotin Holidays (1-250-238-2274) to reserve your lodge accommodation as well as camp accommodations or guided trips.

For more information, you can visit Chilcotin Holidays Guest Ranch and Wilderness Trekking Canada.

Please, remember the Chilcotin Mountain High Trail is a wilderness area. Maintaining this wilderness atmosphere and protecting its cultural and natural features is the responsibility of every visitor.