Trial Lodging

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Chilcotin Holiday Lodge Camps

Spruce Lake -Trial LodgingTrial Lodging at Spruce Lake Camp. Located right on the shores of Spruce Lake, this camp is the perfect setting to view the area’s early season alpine flowers and is situated near some ancient fossil beds. Spruce Lake camp is a good base for hiking the surrounding mountains and a great fishing spot all summer long. Camp rental available.

Leckie Camp -Trial LodgingTrial Lodging at Leckie Creek Camp. Located at the junction of Slim Creek, Leckie Creek, and Gun Creek. This camp is ideal for early season wilderness trips from May 1 onwards when you can see the spring migration of mountain goats, grizzly, mule deer and moose. It’s also a perfect location for winter wilderness ski trips. Camp rental available.

Trial Lodging at South Taseko Beach: An unforgettable place to call home, on the shores of glacier-fed Taseko Lake with views of the mountain chains surrounding it.  Ample opportunity to cast a line and take a canoe ride, or explore the upper reaches of the in-flowing Lord River and upper Lord Lakes another 15km further south. Then again, you can simply take in all of the magnificent sites and sounds or watch as the Osprey takes her share of fish right from the sandy horseshoe bay. Camp rental available.

Trial LodgingTrial Lodging at Warner Lake Camp: Camp is set above Warner Lake with Mount Sheba at your back and a commanding view of the glaciered mountains. Camp consists of 4 pioneer wall tents on plywood floors with sleeping pad and wood heaters. Cooking utensils, campfire site and outhouse. Camp rental available.

Trial Lodging at Summit Lake: Fish jump constantly and the call of the loon echos between the mountain peaks. This camp is suitable for overnight stays or as a base for day hikes. Camp rental available.

Trial Lodging at Powell Creek: in the middle of lush green alpine meadows and slopes is surrounded by simple beauty in its finest and unspoiled form since creation. Surrounded by uncountable wildflowers and sparkling streams flowing through the landscape. From here at an elevation of 6,300 feet you can pick any mountain peek of your choice and head for higher ground all the way up to over 10,000 feet to take in the sites which only eagles, goats and a few people ever get to see. In every direction you can spot for mountain goats, mule deer as well as California bighorn sheep. Camp rental available.

Rea-Spur: Set near the alpine meadows and an easy half day hike to Warner Pass, this area is a perfect place to hold-up when there is bad weather in Warner Pass.

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