Trial Safety

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Trial Safety: Bear Awareness

Grizzly bears are the primary concern while on the trail. It is very common for hikers to encounter them.

Grizzly Bears -Trial SafetyAll parties should take bear spray and/or bear bangers as repellents (bear bells are now considered an attractant and should not be used). Firearms are not permitted in the South Chilcotin Mountain Park without a permit.

More importantly both sides of the CMHT trail mandate smart bear practices. It is required to safely stow your food in a bear-safe location whether that be provided lockers or bear poles as to prevent bears from associating humans with food and thus creating “problem bears.”

There are constant notices and reminders of how to react if one sees or encounters a bear. Bear safety videos are recommended before a trip to learn how to handle a bear encounter.

Trial Safety: Equipment

The CMHT is a wilderness trail. Conditions are always changing and users should obtain up-to-date information before proceeding on a trip and be sure to carry proper gear and appropriate clothing. Users are also advised to leave a plan of their trip including which trail they are taking, departure and arrival times with a friend or relative and at the lodges at each end of trail.

Hiking -Trial SafetyA trip of the entire trail takes 6 to 10 days so your backpack should include a sleeping bag and a rainproof lightweight tent. Remember, you must be completely self-sufficient as supplies cannot be acquired on the trail. Planning your food, the more light weight and spoil proof the better! Good preparation will ensure that you can thoroughly enjoy some of the most spectacular scenery in the world! A satellite phone or spot locator is essential on all self-guided trips.

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