Hiking season

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Hikers -Hiking seasonYou can’t rush in a place like the CMHT — so relax and enjoy what this region has to offer. Currently the CMHT is a popular recreational trail among residents of British Columbia, Canada. The trail is also attracting many tourists from abroad. Hiking season

The “official” hiking season (when outfitters are on the trail) varies, but usually begins around early May and ends in late October. However, the days of highest demand and peak operations by outfitters are from June through to the end of September. Often, late May still has some avalanche danger as well as large snowfields slowing the progress and October brings rain and colder weather that discourages would-be hikers, mountain bikers and pack trips.

Along the dry, inland slopes of the Coast Mountains, there is an extensive network of trails and routes, which provides access to a spectacular, mountain wilderness. These trails are mainly within the Chilcotin Mountains. These mountains have exceptional and diverse recreational, biological and cultural values. Hiking season, Hiking season

Hiking season, Hiking season